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© 2019 by 長崎坂宿 GUEST. Proudly created by 小笠原企画.

Nagasaki  GUEST

Good view , Good sleep

Kyushu, Nagasaki.

In the morning, it is crowded with school students.

It is quiet at noon. A cat is sleeping in the alley.

At sunset, steamer blows the whistle. Houses on the hill are lit red by the sunset.

There are many small bars open at night at Shianbashi. The night of Nagasaki goes by.

The scenery of this town is “natural” and “special”.

He / she shows the true face to traveler.

Let's stay in town.


“Nagasaki GUEST” is a small hotel in a renovated townhouse in Nagasaki City.


Nagasaki | JAPAN

6 guests 1 bedroom 5 beds 1 bath


¥ 7,500~ / night

Good view , Good sleep !

A 15min walk to “Shianbashi(思案橋)” and “HAMANO-MACHI(浜ノ町)” in the center of Nagasaki.
Within walking distance of "Chinatown
6min walk from the nearest “Shofukuji Station

A room renovated from a traditional Japanese town house.

Opened in October 2019.

Designed by architect host. A compact accommodation for families and group tourists.

You can get a panoramic view of the city of Nagasaki from the window.


Nagasaki | JAPAN

6 guests 3 bedroom 2 beds 1 bath


¥ 7,500~ / night

It is 15 minutes on foot to Shianbashi.

8 minutes walk to the nearest station.

Renovation of old houses built for 60 years.
Completion is 1955. 
It was built for the mother of the owner of a long-established dyeing company.

In 2018 the host of the architect designed it with self-build.

Nagasaki is a slope town. Please experience the real Nagasaki life at the house built in the middle of "Atago Mountain”.
From the room you can see the cityscape of Nagasaki.

Nagasaki is a slope town. The slope is steep. People who climbed have the best gifts. The best view is the best present. Welcome to my home!

1. Nagasaki is a slope town. The shape of the city is a “mortar” that is rare even in the whole country.

The city center is surrounded by mountains on three sides. Therefore, it is famous as a “stair town”. There are few cyclists because there are many slopes. There are few flat areas and the population density is high.


2. It is the second atomic bomb used in actual battles in the world history after Hiroshima City. Also known as the last bombed city.

In 1945, an atomic bomb was dropped in the north of Nagasaki City. The city of Nagasaki destroyed by atomic bombs is severely damaged. However, as with other Japanese cities, it has undergone tremendous reconstruction, but from the present, effective city planning has not been carried out compared to other cities.

3. The population increased after the war. The development of the slope land as a residential area spread randomly.

The big problem with this city is the residential area on the slope. Slope residential areas that developed rapidly in the 1960s are declining due to inconvenient infrastructure and the aging of residents. This project is to revive this residential area as a hotel. As a residential area, there is an advantage that a non-conforming area changes the viewpoint so that the car does not enter, the view is good, and it is close to the urban area.


nagasaki local guide

Nagasaki is a port city that has long been developed as a gateway to foreign countries. In the Edo period, it had the only trading port in the country, and many cultures came from Europe.

It has a different landscape from other cities in Japan due to the influence of foreign cultural inflows and the streets with many slopes.

Word of Mouth

This house was very conveniently located off the last tram stop in Nagasaki up a quiet but hilly street. It was clean, stylish, and comfortable, big enough for our crowd, and felt genuinely Japanese.


Virginia | USA

We hebben het fantastisch naar onze zin gehad in This huis. Het ligt in een typische Nagasaki woonwijk op een heuvel, en je moet flink wat trappen lopen om er te komen. Het uitzicht is heel mooi. Tegelijkertijd is het maar 10 minuten naar het centrum. Aanraders voor een authentieke ervaring!

Arne Driessen

Leiden | Netherlands

Perched high atop a mountain overlooking Nagasaki, this house is an unique opportunity to experience a traditional Japanese home. The location is a little removed from the hustle and bustle of the city but close enough. The house is clean and well kept. We plan to visit again in warmer weather and maybe do some landscape painting!

Alan Bryant

Georgia | USA

This place is situated just a short walk from the Sofukuji Temple streetcar station, easily accessible straight from the Nagasaki train station. Checking in was a breeze and the apartment looked even better than the pictures. The view from the living room window was especially terrific! Me and my two friends really enjoyed our stay.

Linus Karlsson

Gothenburg | Sweden